I am a man of few words but photography allows me to express myself through images.  Simply put, photography is a life-giving, challenging, evolving form of art that feeds my creative side.  

What started out as a way to feed my wife’s scrapbooking habit by photographing our children, has grown into a small business that allows me to capture the details, moments and expressions for my clients to remember for a lifetime.  Montana has always been my home and as much as I love the familiarity of its lakes, restaurants, and miles of highway; I also love sailing the waters of the Caribbean with my wife and friends.  

I am an accountant by trade; a sailor, a drummer and motorcycle rider by hobby; and a husband and dad by calling.  This tightrope between reliability and adventure is what makes time spent with me behind the lens memorable, and allows me to connect the images with the hearts of my clients.